CEO Alfred T Culbreth

In 1984, he went on to being a technical engineer for Paytheon. As a technical engineer in their mainframe computing division, he implemented schematics and system integration. He worked with CPU, Controller boards and Mux’s.After being with that company for three years, Alfred Culbreth went on to becoming a field engineer as well as a sales representative for a company called Solid Computer Corporation where he gained experience in OEM computer hardware, peripherals,software ad communication ear.
In 1999, Alfred  founded Telco Cuba. As the founder, Alfred Culbreth was the CEO, technical engineer sales representative and was also a marketing consultant.Telco Cuba is a satellite telecommunication carrier. Their service is extended throughout the Americas, Asia and Europe. The products have company includes are wireless service, wholesale carrier, cloud computing, VoIP and fiber routes and call through applications. Alfred Culbreth’s Telco Cuba is based out of Miami, Florida.
Nearly a decade later, he found his second company. This time he ventured away from the technical field and focused his company around sports. The name of his second company is Australian USA. Alfred is in charge of sports marketing sales and consulting.  Alfred Culbreth took a hiatus because he felt that he had lost himself in all of his materialistic possessions. During his hiatus, he took on a more natural and organic way of living.
Having this new inspiration to live life, Alfred  T Culbreth,CEO,  founded L’Alpina in 2010. L’Alpina isn’t just an ordinary water distributing company but is a premium water supplier. Their water distributes to distinct water, L’Alpina Artesian and Ameris Mountain Spring. L’Alpina has an incredible pH balance of 9.5 and the Ameris Mountain Spring has a pH balance of 7.8. These high altitude alkaline water is distributed in all natural glass bottles.